Hi I'm Lucie! Welcome to my world of creating things from wild nature. 

Out of awe and gratitude for our Earth, I began crafting wreaths in 2013. Ever since, my work, like this Planet, is ever evolving. Working with foraged materials keeps me forever on the horizon of new discoveries, shaping how I create in each season differently. My wreaths, for me, are an expression of what I see and feel in my bones when I’m in my element, immersed in Nature. Inspired, intrigued, in love, and loved. These wreaths are an expression of my devotion to Earth and Spirit. They’ve been described as unique, creative, and whimsical. 

I primarily create using native and naturalized plants foraged from the forests and fields around my home in the ACE Basin of South Carolina. You’ll sometimes find me adding splashes of color from flowers grown in my garden or my neighbor's garden. In everything I make, I aim to showcase the beauty of where I come from, and hope that my work inspires a sense of wonder, respect, and reverence for this Planet. 

In addition to creating wreaths and preserving flowers, I educate people about the native flora of my bioregion. If you’d like to know about the cool plants carpeting the Lowcountry or be inspired by Mother Nature, join my digital journal called 'Celebrating Earth', linked below.

I delight in hearing from people, so reach out if you feel moved. I hope you receive something from my offerings. 

~Lucie Kulze